About us

Engineer/ General Manager

John Zatowski

  • Phone:860-465-4387
  • email: zatowski@easternct.edu

Technical Engineer/Recording Master

Jeremy Macdonough

  • Phone:860-465-5354
  • email: macdonoughj@my.easternct.edu

Operations Manager/Music Director

Eumir Abela

  • Phone: 860-465-5354
  • wecslistens@gmail.com

Webmaster Intern

Alex Fiducia

  • Phone: 860-465-5354
  • email: fiduciaal@my.easternct.edu


All other materials or correspondence

WECS Radio

83 Windham Street

Willimantic, CT 06226

Note: For Music Direction, we prefer an email and a call about the music you wish to send. This would allow us to further direct you to the correct Music Director.

E-mail Correspondence

  • General Inquiry: wecs@gmail.com
  • Operations: wecs@gmail.com
  • Press Releases / PSA: wecs@gmail.com
  • Music Direction: wecslistens@gmail.com
  • Promotions: wecslistens@gmail.com
  • Live Sessions: wecslistens@gmail.com
  • Digital Submissions: wecslistens@gmail.com

WECS Radio Club

The WECS Radio Club is a club of Eastern Connecticut State University Students interested in spreading music into our community through concerts and events just as Radio does through the airwaves. WECS Radio Club can be found on Facebook and at radio@my.easternct.edu