Thank You Jimmy, Hello Eumir

Hey guys, Eumir here

I know you’re wondering why the website hasn’t been updated for weeks now but things here at WECS are changing and it should be a fun couple of semesters coming up. After Jimmy graduated earlier this May, there was a vacant music director position here at the station. Being a freshman last year, Jimmy introduced me to WECS and my affinity for college radio. To me, college radio is all about discovering new music. My relationship with Jimmy was almost symbiotic in a way because we would pick eachother’s brains out and realize we have similar music tastes. When Jimmy asked me to become music director, I was more than happy to get this job. Nowadays, I have just been hanging at the office, listening to new tunes, playing shows in Willimantic, and hanging out with some good dudes!

I am really looking forward to all the involvement with the student and community DJ’s and especially the radio club here at Eastern. I also plan on doing a monthly submission on the website regarding my top albums of that month. Expect great things here at WECS and again, thank you for always listening to our shows! My own program for the Fall 2016 semester will be on Mondays @ 2. For now, here are 3 albums I think have greatly influenced and shaped my musical taste this semester.

1. Skiptracing – Mild High Club
2. Aerial East – Rooms
3. Angel Olsen – MY WOMAN


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