WECS visits Austin… Again!

For the past few years, the WECS Radio Club has packed their things for South by Southwest (SXSW), in Austin, Texas. SXSW is one of the world’s largest music festivals and the premiere event for Independent Music.  The Club has been 3 times over the past 5 years, and unfortunately, did not attend this year.

To make up for this, our Music Director, Jimmy, went down to see Austin a few weeks ago, and although it was “off-season” SXSW, that didn’t change the liveliness of the music scene.


“I went down on a Monday night, the start of the work week, and still, every club, bar, and venue was blaring music.” Says Jimmy.

Music was a huge priority for his trip, but so was site seeing. At South By Southwest, it is easy to limit yourself to just the few main strips where the music is held. Last time he was here, Jimmy managed to  make his way to see Willie Nelson Boulevard, but this time, he experienced so much more.

“I was not at all disappointed with Austin the second time around.”

Going in to Austin prepared, Jimmy managed to see almost everything on his list, and more. He saw the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue, the bat-bridge, and the world’s largest collection of Dr. Seuss illustrations and paintings at Art on Fifth.

Free Bird, By Dr. Suess One of the many paintings of the free exhibit Art on Fifth.


There were a few things he didn’t manage to get to, including some of the film sites or the Alamo Drafthouse, and  the Mondo Poster Gallery, so Jimmy knows he has to go back to Austin soon. He also

Everything, even the sides, are bigger in Texas.

Everything, even the sides, is bigger in Texas.

missed out on what is considered the best barbecue in the state of Texas (Austin is ranked the 3rd best barbecue in the country) because he would have had to get in line for lunch at 9:00 AM so he could get some of Franklin’s BBQ before they ran out.

Being a vegetarian, Jimmy was most interested in the food trucks (in which Austin is ranked 2nd in the country) where he found  Arlo’s Vegetarian Barbecue outside of a music venue. When it came to eating however, he enjoyed the quiet river walk of San Antonio while dining on some world famous Tex-Mex.



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