Coming to Windham- Keep it Kleen Escape Adventures!

Hey Guys,

Last week at Third Thursday I got a business card from a new start up in Windham- an escape room! I immediately thought of how this could boost the town up a bit, and since Willistock 2016 already came and went, I decided I would use the website to promote this one!

I contacted Alissa Sanberg, the owner of Keep it Kleen Escape Adventures and asked her a few questions! It sounds like this will be the perfect activity for Willimantic Residents, alumni revisiting the town while waiting for dinner at Willibrew, or nervous college freshman looking to find that perfect ice breaker activity with their new hall mates!

1) What is the business you are starting? How does it work?

I am opening an escape room which simply put is an interactive puzzle adventure. You are placed in a room and explained a certain scenario.  You then have 60 minutes to find hidden objects such as keys,  puzzle pieces,  clues,  that will be used to open locks,  solve puzzles and ultimately escape the room.

2) When did you get the idea to start an escape room?
I discovered escape rooms one night while I was searching for something new for my husband and I to do for date night.  We visited one in Providence and were hooked from there.


3) Is there a specific reason you chose Windham to start this business?
We chose Windham because of the cultural diversity and also the centralized location of ecsu, uconn, and qvcc. Also there is nothing like it in the area.


4) Is it encouraged you come to the escape room by yourself, or do you go in groups? Who do you encourage to go?
Anyone is encouraged to come. We offer the option to book the room to yourselves but generally you are grouped with people that have bought tickets for the same time slot.  It is a great experience for first dates,  for team building,  or for something new for friends to do. Children can come accompanied by a parent but may find the room challenging.  We hope to have a room geared towards children in the next few months.


5) Will there be a lot of reasons to come back? Does the puzzle change as the year goes through? Are their easier, or harder puzzles for different experienced “players”?
We plan on changing the themes of our rooms every other month.  We will have various difficulties as well.


6) What do you think an escape room, or any new “out-there” business can bring to our community?
My business is obviously new to a lot of people.  One of the hurdles of any new business is getting people to understand what you are opening.  I can’t speak on other businesses but an escape room offers an opportunity to interact with people face to face and use your brain to figure out a problem.  In a world today where everything is so automated and human interaction is required less and less we need something fun like this. This will offer a safe experience for the members of the community especially young adults. We also plan on having 1 night a week dedicated to families and one for the LGBT community.


7) When does the Escape Room open? How can people sign up?
We plan on opening August 7th. Players must book ahead by either visiting our Facebook page and clicking the book now link or by calling 860-213-9298. Only 8 players are allowed per room for each hour game.
People interested can find us on fb
They can email us
Or they can call 860-213-9298
We are located at 90 South park st in Windham. The left side of the parking lot there is a sidewalk,  follow that behind the building to find us.

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